Wednesday, 24 September 2014

What I ate Wednesday #1

Have you ever heard of WIAW? "What I ate Wednesday" is basically a post for bloggers to document what they ate.. on Wednesday. I initially spotted Anna Saconne's posts and have since started reading other bloggers posts. If nothing else, it's a brilliant way to get inspiration for what to eat throughout the day. The idea is to blog your meals, snacks and drinks throughout the day.

Because i love reading other peoples so much i thought i'd hop on the bandwagon and join in. Be aware that the chances are that these posts will be incredibly dull. I tend to eat the same things for breakfast and lunch for weeks on end but dinner will be something different every week so watch out for that! As i live at home i have little control over what i have for dinner and therefore no control over the presentation of the meal so please don't judge the nutritious value or presentation of my dinner, focus on the meals i can control!

For breakfast this morning i had my usual bowl of Kellogg's Crunchy Nut. I know it's not the healthiest breakfast but it's bloody lovely. I've never been one to avoid eating breakfast, in fact i usually wake up hungry so really look forward to my breakfast. I don't have a drink with my breakfast but had a glass of water between breakfast and lunch.

I was inspired by Anna Saconne's paninis and am having 2 small toasted pittas with cheese, chorizo and baby spinach. I usually have some cucumber slices and tomatoes with it too along with a glass of water. We don't a toasty maker or grill at work but i've made do and in order to melt the cheese (an obvious must!) i fill the pitta with the cheese and chorizo and then when they're toasted put the spinach in before indulging!

Absolutely delicious.

By 4 o'clock i was peckish! I grabbed an apple with some smooth peanut butter and another glass of water. This snack is my absolute favourite at the moment, it's the perfect healthy snack and a great sweet and salt combo!

Fave snack ever!
For dinner mum had cooked chips (in the air fryer) beans and sausages. She was in a rush this evening so just did something quick, hence the lack of nutrients and vegetables! Afterwards i had a 100% real fruit juice ice lolly which was lovely and very refreshing. 

I also had a glass of milk whilst watching the Great British Bake off and another glass of water before bed. 

How much of a rubbish blogger am i! I forgot to take pictures of 2 of my 3 meals, well you all know what cereals look like anyway! Sorry guys, i will make more of an effort to remember to take a photo before i dig in next week. I hope you enjoyed this post anyway,  i certainly enjoyed eating it all. 

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