Thursday, 16 October 2014

Top 5 Pinterest Posts I October Part 1

Hey sweethearts!

So, once again, it's the worst blogger ever here! I forgot to take pictures of any of my meals on Wednesday and instead of just making it up and having a hefty written post i decided to just not bother this time. I had a load of projects on at work it just completely slipped my mind so for that i am really sorry!

I did however remember that it's time for my Pinterest favorites for the first half of the month. Now that we are getting in to Autumn and Winter, my favorite kind of pins start appearing.. you know, the cosy knits, the autumn leaves and yes, the christmas ones!

Here are my top 5 posts for October (so far). So without further ado, enjoy!

New York Cheesecake, the way to my heart!

The colour, the rings.. perfect.

I'm going to attempt something like this
for Halloween this year. Wish me luck!

How beautiful is this scarf though?

Cake bake at work.. option 1?

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