Monday, 12 December 2016


With a massive hangover, I met up with a couple of girls that I used to work with and headed down to Henley to the Stonor Park Christmas Fair.

It's the first time i've ever been to a christmas fair (other than Winter Wonderland) and I was really impressed. It was all really well done. Stonor House is a beautiful big manor house which we were able to walk around. We were restricted as to where we could go when we were inside, but they're decorated it all christmassy an historic. It was stunning.

How amazing in this tree. It was so much bigger than it looks here too. 
The actually fair part was also really cute, it was full of hundreds of stalls from different boutique/independent businesses ranging from homemade christmas decorations and cards to interestingly flavoured gin!

We stopped for a bite to eat at one of the little cafe bits but unfortunately they'd pretty much sold out of everything so I had a green tea and a scotch egg. Funnily enough, the scotch egg was really nice so I'm kind of glad they'd run out of everything else!!

I didn't buy anything in the end (it was a little pricey.. well what do you expect, it's Henley) but it got me in the christmas mood and gave me a few ideas for little gifts I can get my friends and family.

I'd definitely recommend it for that! I had really good time and the interior set ups were stunning. Neptune had a stall set up which was definitely one of my favourites!

Not On The High Street had a christmas tree!
Each of these trees lined up by the entrance were decorated by different brands/companies including Not On The Hight Street which is one of my favourite brands for little knick knacks!

What's your favourite christmas festivals/market/fair?

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