Sunday, 3 August 2014

Lets go Boho

The time has come to get rid of my childish ornaments and miss mash of styles, today my mum and i sat and went through everything in my room and my mum was not letting me get away with not being ruthless!! I'm a sentimental person so i have boxes and boxes filled with random things that will mean nothing to anyone else but to me, tell a story. She wasn't having any of it - i do agree with her though, some things i kept were pretty silly.. like all my school books, i'm not going to want to take them with me when i move out so why keep them now!

Anyway, the point being that i got rid of a lot of stuff, 2 black bags full, and that doesn't include clothes - that is the one thing i am absolutely terrible of getting rid of, i always think that everything will come back in to fashion or that it can be made to work for the new season style so just never throw anything away! Bad i know, but it's one of those things..

I have 3 floating shelves on the back wall of my room which are now housing my Company magazines and sentimental ornaments rather than the silly little things that were sat on there before!

My re-decorating of the room, doesn't involve painting or anything like that, it's more of a clean up and prepare for a proper re-do next year! I've been bugging my parents to let me get a double bed for well over a year now and they finally agreed that i could get one next year so this is all just in preparation for that.

I found an absolutely beautiful bed cover when looking through a magazine and panicked that it wouldn't be in the store by the time i came to having a new bed so i bought it anyway.. It's from Bedeck, i'll upload of picture of it on Instagram or Twitter when it arrives and i've got it set up on my bed!

I'm going for a very boho eek style in my room this time round and am super excited for the end result. I gathered loads of inspiration before settling on this style, i'm one for changing my mind a lot when it comes to design of things so i wanted to be sure of this before i went ahead with buying things for it. Urban Outfitters hone section will play a part in inspiring the quirky items that will sit around the room, i'm a massive fan of their home stuff (and their clothes) just not a fan of their prices!

Because of the size of my room, in order to get a double bed in there i have to 'amend' the layout.. this is when dad gets roped in!! I have to put my chest or drawers underneath my built in desk and them drop the desk top on to the chest and remove the shelf above the desk. My plan is to make this in to a window seat style with a quirky patterned cushion to make it comfy!

Keep up to date with what i'm doing by checking out my Twitter and Instagram. Comment below if you are planning on undertaking a re-design in your home.

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