Saturday, 2 August 2014

Making Big Plans!

I've always been one for making big plans in the spur of the moment and never really following them through properly, or thinking them through thoroughly. So, i've made it a personal goal of mine to work on this and always consider the big ideas as a potential opportunity and really research the actual posibility of the idea becoming reality.

Anything is possible after all!

I can spend hours searching through Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter... the lot of them, just getting ideas and gathering inspiration for my dream house! (Don't lie, we all do it) But at the end of the day i still haven't accomplished any of the things that i have told myself i will do. So, now is that time.

For years i have been inspired by Bloggers, Writers and Tweeters from all over the world - seeing how they express themselves and the how they write their posts in their own unique ways. That's what i aim to do - instead of just watching other people do it and wishing i could, i'm going to. There is nothing to stop me from doing it. It will take time to get used to it and finding the time to write will be a challenge, but if i stay determined.. i can do it, anyone can!

You will have to bare with me, there will be times when i won't be able to write as often as i'd like, with working full time and all. I also need to do some major maintenance on this blog, i'm sorry for the state of it at the moment! Once i've got it up and running properly i will invest some time in fixing it up and making it suit the personality of the blog itself and me..

There are loads of you out there with the same plans and ideas, i'd love to hear from you and read what you post so please leave your blog and twitter links in the comments below.

I have loads of other plans that i am determined to complete at some point, not sure when and not sure how, but i know that i can do it. We can all achieve anything if we set our minds to it!

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