Wednesday, 5 November 2014

5 ways to can those cravings.

Right now, i'm sat at my desk trying to avoid the temptation to grab a packet of crisps and a couple of biscuits from the kitchen. I'm as guilty as most for feeling as though it's okay for me to indulge because i went to the gym this morning. Which, don't get me wrong, it totally is. But, within reason! 

That's where i go wrong. 

I suffer with the incessant desire to feed my boredom most of the time my food of choice is biscuits or a very sugary tea if biscuits are unavailable. That's why, after this mornings gym session, i rushed to Waitrose and grabbed some healthy choices. Green tea with Cranberry and some bananas were my chosen options.

The benefits of green tea is a post in itself but i'm definitely starting to drink more especially in the build up to Christmas. It's essential to clean out the body before filling it with more sugar and twice the food you normally eat. (don't deny it, we all do it)

So how do i can my cravings? Don't worry about it. It's pretty easy really.

There's a couple of things you can try:

1. Put if off. 
It's a known fact that cravings don't last forever, in fact i think statistically they only last about 10 minutes. Therefore, if you put off the craving and do something else like make a cup of tea or tidy your make-up draw (we all need to do that too!) then the chances are you won't feel the desire for the sugary snack. 

2. Have healthy snacks to hand.  
I always make sure i do this, at work especially. If i want a snack at work the chances are i don't have a lot of time or resources to make something lavish so the obvious choice is to raid the biscuit tin. 
If you make sure you have some healthy grab-and-go snacks you'll be fine, they might not be what you really want but you'll soon forget about the craving you had before.

3. Sleep.
Willpower is significantly reduced the sleepier you are, hence the late night binging! 
Make sure you get enough sleep to avoid giving in to the nasty cravings throughout the day. The evenings are down to you to be strong though - try a green tea in the evenings rather than the biscuits you think you really want. 

4. Reward yourself right.
Doing a workout in the morning doesn't mean you can then eat whatever you want and however much you want. However, it doesn't mean you can't reward yourself for getting up and going to the gym. That's a feat in itself if you ask me! 
Rewarding yourself with the right things will boost your willpower and desire to stay on track with your healthy lifestyle. Try giving yourself a new nail varnish for going to the gym or rewarding yourself with a day trip after 10 workouts.

5. Exaggerate.
It's not very often us women are told to exaggerate but in this instance it might work in our favour. Try overestimating the fat/calories of the snack you're craving, that way you stand a better chance of resisting the temptation.

Let me if any of these tips help you resist the temptation to have just one more slice of choccy cake.

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