Thursday, 12 December 2013

50 Things about me.

Hey Guys,
Sorry for the lack of posts, we're in the middle of getting a load of posts ready to go up so this doesn't happen again! Editing and shooting the images to go with the posts is surprisingly time consuming. Just so you don't think we've completely forgotten about it here's a quick little tag, '50 Things about me' so you can get to know me a little bit more. Enjoy!
  1. I have a freckle on the palm of my hand.
  2. Christmas is my favourite time of the year. 
  3. I love a Peter Pan collar. 
  4. I’ve always wanted to work for a fashion/gossip magazine. 
  5. I’m a Taurus.
  6. I used to collect Yowies out of Kinder Eggs. (Who remembers them?)
  7. I have 3 pieces of jewelry I never take off (ring, anklet, locket)
  8. Pinterest is my favourite website. I love it!
  9. Me, my friends and my family play board games nearly every day.
  10. My favourite foods are pringles, toffee and pecan pavlova and pasta.
  11. I get embarrassed so easily and go bright red. 
  12. I absolutely love getting post. 
  13. I’ve always wanted to travel just haven’t managed to get the money yet!
  14. I passed my driving test on the second attempt (Failed first time for not stopping for pedestrians, oops!)
  15. I’ve only seen the last Harry Potter film but am keen to see the others. 
  16. I’m a major daddy’s girl.
  17. I’m a proper movie nut, I love watching movies in the cinema. But used to be scared of going.. until i was about 12/13
  18. I got my first phone when i was 9, classic Nokia with a hot pink piglet case. Classy!
  19. I have never dyed my hair, most extreme i’ve ever gone was highlights, and they looked rank!
  20. If i was a boy i was going to be called Samuel. 
  21. I feel naked if i don’t have my phone on me all the time. 
  22. I love watching YouTubers, Zoella, PointlessBlogTV, SprinkleofGlitter are just some of my favvies!
  23. Social media is my true love, i’m always on everything - twitter, facebook, tumblr, pinterest, google+ etc. 
  24. I’m incredibly sentimental, i keep everything!
  25. I dropped out of school after my first year of A-Levels. 
  26. My favourite colour is orange. 
  27. I love grey as well. 
  28. I prefer savoury food to sweet. 
  29. I’m not a big drinker, i don’t enjoy the taste of alcohol.
  30. I’ve only been stung once - by a wasp on a seesaw, on the inside of my elbow.
  31. I want to be living in a flat with friends in the next couple of years. 
  32. I’m an Apple lover, all my techie things are Apple. 
  33. I used to love playing Midtown Madness on the Xbox - then we got an Xbox 360 and now it doesn’t work. Sad face.
  34. I still love the Sims and Guitar Hero.
  35. I’ve only ever had fish for pets and I now don’t have anything. 
  36. I have a bald patch! (My hair parts out so it looks like I have a bald patch)
  37. I have a high chance of having twins. 
  38. I hate not having my nails painted. 
  39. I absolutely love London, just everything about it.
  40. I know exactly what i want my own house to look like. 
  41. I spend most of my disposable income on clothes and/or jewelry every month.
  42. I take pictures of everything! 
  43. I used to be on the 'A team' for Netball at Primary and Secondary school, I’m now too lazy. 
  44. I absolutely detest spiders and wasps.
  45. I religiously read ‘Company’ magazine.
  46. I read loads of blogs and follow loads of inspirational fashion/lifestyle people on twitter and instagram.
  47. I have an older brother, Matthew, he's 21 and we get on really well. 
  48. I have a picture of my two bestfriends on my desk at work.
  49. I have thin thumbs, they’re smaller than my index and middle finger! 
  50. I still sleep with teddy bears on my bed, shh.  
We'll get another post up over the weekend, I promise and hopefully sort out some sort of schedule as to when we'll get one up from now on. Hope you enjoyed learning more about me. 

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