Monday, 23 December 2013

Just a daily update.

Right, turns out remembering and finding the time to write a post every week is proving harder than i first thought. Especially around this time of year with so much going on, seeing family and still being at work getting round to actually writing a post is harder that i anticipated. I knew it wouldn't be easy but didn't expect it to be so time consuming, now i understand how full time bloggers and bloggers feel!

I'm working today and tomorrow which isn't ideal, i hate the idea of working on Christmas eve, there's so much more fun stuff i could be doing! I can't imagine much work will get done though, so it's going to be a busy day today trying to get everything done so i don't have to do anything tomorrow! Is that naughty?

I went with dad to Derbyshire to pick my grandparents up on Sunday morning, i had to be up at 5:30?! I wasn't impressed, but it was so worth it to see my grandparents, we drove there, got them and all the christmas presents packed into the car and were back home by 11 o'clock!

Me and my family and proper into board games, we're a really close family and love spending time with each other. Even my brother! We played quite a few although trying to teach the oldies the new games was interesting/a nightmare. Bless them!

I've been demoted to sleeping on a mattress on my brothers bedroom floor for a week whilst my grandparents are round and even have to sleep on the sofa when my brothers girlfriend stays! Talk about getting no beauty sleep for the next week. Although, me and my brother need to finish getting ready for christmas, we are making mum a photo book with loads of pictures and quotes and things in it but we still haven't finished it! We'll be up late on christmas eve trying to finish that and getting it wrapped without her knowing.

I have an exciting evening tonight though! Me and my two girls are having our christmas day tonight, we're ordering some munch and opening our presents to each other as we won't be together again now until after christmas. I'm super excited and can't wait to see what they think of their things. Should be fun! Me and Saz are also delivering some presents to our friends parents, who we are super close with and they've said they've got something for us too.

Eep i love christmas.

My mum has planned a treasure hunt for tomorrow evening, which we do every year. It's where mum hides a present (this year i think it's a big chocolate santa) and then she leaves clues throughout the house for us to find them. It's so cute and gets us in the christmas mood. Me and my brother love it even though some would say we're too old for it! Neither of us sleep on christmas eve, we never have done.

I'll update you about the treasure hunt, christmas eve, christmas day and what i got for christmas, if i remember and have time i'll post again tomorrow but chances are it won't be for a few days after christmas now, please don't hate me!

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