Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Sorry it's a bit late, i've been busy over Christmas this year.

I can't believe how quickly this year has gone and that it's Christmas day today, seems like only yesterday everyone was hyping about the 21st of December 2012 and the 'End of the World' malarky. How this year has flown eh, not to say a lot hasn't been achieved of course!

In terms of presents, I for one have been utterly spoilt this year, I am so thankful for everything I have received, I love all of it. I'm one of those that can't stop looking at things when I get something new, so I was surrounded by my gifts all day!

As you know me and my girls did a joint gift for each of us meaning we could spend a bit more and get something really memorable and lovely, that they actually wanted! My girls did good! They printed off all of my instagram pictures, got me a beautiful photo album and "To Do" list notebook (I'm always making lists) a new aux cable for my car, as mine seems to be forever breaking and a new sketchbook. I was over the moon and will definitely be using all of them!

Me and Saz went to see our friends mum who we are super close with on Monday and had a massive girly chat and catch up, we exchanged presents and all that! She text me saying that she loves what we got her which i'm super glad with as we weren't sure the candles were her style or not and she got both of us a 'Ted Baker' beauty bag! They're gorgeous, I got a light pink one and Saz hasn't opened hers yet so i'm not sure what color hers was. How amazing is that, she's got such good taste and knows us so well!

My grandparents always spoil the whole family at Christmas and this year was no exception. I was handed a large, beautiful box in which my presents were wrapped, the box was a present in itself let alone the presents within it. They bought me these really cute grey boot like slippers with polka dots and a funky pattern on them, they're super comfy and will definitely be worn a lot this year. I also got, a fur head band which i've been wanting for ages, it's a gorgeous brown color and is from the 'Hawkin collection'. Lush! My grandparents also got me, a necklace, some beauty essentials, a photo album, a really cute little bracelet from 'Equilibrium' and my main present from my nanna was something I knew I knew I was getting but by far my favorite. Over the year nanna had been knitting my this beautiful baby blanket, I'd be admiring one she's knitted for my cousins baby and my mum asked nanna to knit one for my children. It's absolutely adorable and a something I will treasure forever.

Matthew, my brother got me Calvin Klein for her perfume which smells amazing! He also got me a rucksack style bag that I wanted from Primark and a pack of 3 beautifully packaged candles from 'Lily-Flame'. They're super cute and I can't wait to curl up with my kindle and light them.

My parents are just as bad at spoiling me and my brother, they spend far more than they should and a lot above the budget they set every year. Mum absolutely loves christmas so doesn't care! My main present from my parents is my beautiful 'Michael Kors' watch. It's absolutely gorgeous, it's a white and gold chronograph watch, fits beautifully and I just love it! I knew I was getting it but obviously haven't been able to wear it until now. They also got me all the essential little 'stocking fillers' (although we don't have stockings) like body spray, lip balm you know the usual. They also bought me a greyscale London calendar with red color splash, as my room is black and white with hints of color this will look ace! I got a 2014 diary, tin of shortbread biscuits, a new toiletry bag which I might use for my nail varnishes, they got me a new set of vibrant colored nail varnishes, a pack of new stud earrings, a pair of really cut sparkly black tights (they're not even itchy!) and a laptop case, which i've needed since I bought my laptop! How amazing are they! I'm such a lucky girl!

Christmas dinner was gorgeous as well, mum definitely out done herself this year. We had a massive turkey which will definitely make a few more meals! Brussel sprouts, parsnips, roast potatoes, pigs in blankets and my favorite, stuffing! Yum! We then had mince pies and christmas pudding for afterwards, we were all absolutely stuffed!
I'm one of the lucky ones that got more than one Christmas dinner this year. My aunt and uncle and all the cousins came round for lunch, 12 of us squeezed into our conservatory! It was lovely to see everyone and the lunch was amazing, I was well and truly stuffed afterwards.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break and a drunken New Year!

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