Monday, 16 December 2013

Winter Wonderland!

Hey guys, hope you're all enjoying the festive season so far and super excited for Christmas, i know i am! To get is in the mood for all things Chrismas we headed to London for Winter Wonderland. If you haven't been before it's definitely worth taking a trip down there, even if it's just for the evening. It's free entry but food, drinks and the rides can be quite expensive. Even if you only go for the beautiful lights and atmosphere it's so worth it.

View of the Wonderland taken from the top of the fun house. 

We went on a Friday night and because i had work we didn't get there until about 8 o'clock and unfortunately it starts closing at 10. Despite this we had an amazing time, we went on two rides; one of the funhouses and a spinning ride that we all felt pretty ill after!

I'd highly recommend checking out the funhouses though, i'm always pretty skeptical when it comes to these, they always look a lot better than they are but this one was incredible. I won't ruin it but it's longer than you expect and there's a few surprises!!

The standard funky mirror shot!
It was so busy when we went but everyone seemed to be really enjoying it, there was the occasional very drunken person stumbling around but it was a good laugh! The ride queues went pretty quickly so it wasn't a case of waiting around for things. It was just a really nice night out and i didn't spend anywhere near as much money as i thought i would.

I do however wish we'd taken the opportunity to go on the wheel that has been set up, it looked beautiful with the lights around it and i just think the photos from the top would have been incredible.

I'll definitely be going back next year but might may it a day thing rather than just the evening, with more time to have a proper look round and visit the christmas market (which we didn't manage to find) i think it would have been even better.

Only 9 days until Christmas! Uber exciting!

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