Monday, 26 January 2015

First ASOS finds of 2015!

I follow so many clothing brands/stores across all my social media platforms so it's impossible to avoid finding things that catch your eye! This month it was a super comfy jumper which subsequently led to finding 3 other things falling in my basket! Well, you can never just order one thing right?!

1. ASOS TALL exclusive longline with high neck in Chenille.  -  £38.00
This jumper is so super comfy and warm, i've spent pretty much my whole weekend curled up in it. I saw it on one of the girls I follow on instagram and instantly fell in love with it. It's in the tall range which I wouldn't normally look at but I couldn't resist, free returns anyway eh!!
Because it is a high neck jumper, I was a little concerned at how tight it was going to be around the neck but it's absolutely fine, it's actually quite loose. The only thing is that the sleeves are pretty long so i've had to roll them up a bit! If I ordered it again I would probably have gone for a smaller size.

2. ASOS oversized knit scarf.  -  £15.00
Well, it is really cold after all! It's a thin material but is still really warm because of the sheer volume of material! I love it and it's definitely a sensible purchase at the moment with this weather!
It's also been sitting in my saved items since like November last year. 

3. ASOS 90's style dungarees.  £ 45.00 
Since last summer when dungarees were all the rage i've been keen to get my hands on a pair but never found any that I really loved. When I saw these khaki ones on ASOS I knew I had to have them (i'd already planned like 3 outfits!). They are really comfy, even for denim, looked perfect with a striped tee underneath - which I happen to own loads of! What's not to love?

4. ASOS fluffy cardigan in longline length.  £ 28.00 (reduced from £40.00!) 
I've recently become a big fan of longline cardigans, I currently only own this one and one other but I definitely won't hesitate to purchase more! It's a really soft material and it's long sleeved which I really like. I think it will look perfect with my dungarees too! It comes in black and khaki but with the dungarees in mind I opted for the black, plus black goes with everything!

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