Friday, 2 January 2015

What I got for christmas!

First off, Happy New Year you beautiful bunch! I hope you all had a really good Christmas and New Year, another year come and gone, here's to another good year filled with fun, adventure, good health and happiness.

It seems to be a very highly requested post for bloggers and vloggers to share what they got for Christmas so it seemed only right to do one. I'm also suffering massively with post Christmas blues, it's officially 2015 and so the Christmas decorations have come down and it's back to work tomorrow.

Anyway, I was well and truly spoilt again this year, by friends and family and without further ado i'll share with you what i was lucky enough to receive this year!

  1. 3 mini impulse body sprays. My mum buys me these every year, they are so handy and perfectly hand bag sized.
  2. Phil Smith SOS rescue shampoo and conditioner. These are absolutely amazing! They have argan oil in them which is known for being really good at rescuing damaged hair. I've only used it 2/3 times but the results are incredible already, I would definitely recommend it to anyone trying to rescue their hair.
  3. Absolut raspberry fizz - mini vodka bottle. Every year mum does a little treasure hunt and this was the treasure this year! 
  4. Pack of 5 assorted tip uni pin pens - I have always used these for typography and the like. I personally really like them, they've got a pigmented ink which stops them from fading.
  5. A pink pig sketchbook, i've always used this brand purely because it's the one we had through school and I got really used to the paper. I also love a ring bound sketchbook.
  6. Christmas socks! 
  7. A pack of 2 super cute, warm socks - they are probably my favourite socks. 
  8. A Real Techniques powder brush. These brushes are incredible, they are so so soft and just really nice. I don't think i'd use any other brush. 
  9. Seventeen's complete smokey eye collection - this box is full of goodies. It's got loads of eye shadows, brushes, gel eyeliner etc. It also has the best sharpener ever!
  10. Undies. My friend got me these gorgeous red lacy underwear. So cute. 
  11. Leather gloves - I was desperate for some of these for driving in. I find gloves typically slip on the wheel so apart from being lush, they're practical. 
  12. Travel mug, I got 2 of these this year. Different designs one for home and one for work!
  13. Benefit perfume set - how cute! It's a set of 4 'cocktail' perfumes - they're perfectly handbag sized and smell divine.
  14. 3 Dixi rings. I'd had my eye on these for a while, they're beautiful - if you're into boho style jewellery then i'd definitely recommend that you check them out at
  15. A gorgeous chunky gold necklace. I'm a big fan of chunky necklaces so this is a perfect addition to my collection.
  16. This nail manicure set was from my secret santa at work - it's perfect for keeping in my handbag. It's got nail clippers, scissors, a cuticle pusher and a nail file all kept neatly in the adorable flower case.
  17. Calvin Klein, Reveal! This smells incredible and the smell lingers for ages. I stumbled across this in a magazine and fell in love with it instantly.
  18. This adorable chocolate heart with chocolate candy canes and more chocolate looks too good to eat. It's beautifully packaged as well, an overdose of chocolate just waiting to be eaten! 
So that's that! What did you get for Christmas this year? What's your favourite present?

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