Monday, 12 January 2015

My super cute recipe file.

In the last year or so I have become more and more interested in food. The nutritional value of it and how to cook it! I recently took the opportunity (my mum was away) to cook dinner, using inspiration from my cookbooks, Pinterest and things i'd heard about and wanted to try. It's becoming a real passion of mine and one i'm yet to master!

My mum and I share a love of cooking/baking and she used to keep print outs of any recipes we tried and things she found on food packaging etc in an old book. The book was getting really out of hand, the design was dated and she just didn't like it anymore so for christmas I got her a recipe file from Paperchase! She absolutely loved it and has already filled it out with all the scrap pieces of paper and recipes that filled the old book.

I absolutely loved the idea of it and when looking on Paperchase found one I loved too, it was an adorable design and just what I wanted to keep all my recipes in too. We now have somewhere to keep all our recipes neat and tidy, i'd definitely suggest anyone having the same problems should think about getting one!

The design itself is super cute and the book is made really well. It's a ring binder as well which I love because it means if you have more recipes for a particular thing you can move the recipe cards around to suit. I think the recipe file has been thoroughly thought through and i've really enjoyed filling it out. It also includes a handy conversion chart and even has a couple of dinner party planning pages!

What are your favourite recipes? Do you keep them in a handy file?

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