Sunday, 14 December 2014

Baking Challenge I Mince Pies

Every year me and mum make nearly 200 mince pies. My mum likes giving them to all of her clients along with friends and family. (and obviously we need a load too!) So every December we set a date in the calendar to batch bake all the mince pies. After years and years of doing it we've got the process nailed! I start making the pastry and then when it starts coming together mum takes over, she'll then roll it out and cut out the bases and the star tops. I put all the pastry into the tins and fill them with the mincemeat. 

We don't follow a recipe so i can't give you that but making the pastry is pretty standard and as far as putting mincemeat in them goes, it's pretty simple. 

The pastry we make is a simple butter, flour, caster sugar and water pastry and then we're partial to a bit of brandy mixed into the mincemeat too! (only a little bit though!) Some people suggest coating the pastry or using a glaze but we prefer not to and keep them real basic. Over the years they've gone down really well and we've had nothing but praise for them. 

In case you were wondering, we freeze the mince pies and only take them out as and when we need them. We sprinkle some icing sugar on top - the snowy look - and then put them in a cellophane bag with a couple of choccies too! They look super cute! 

Check out the picture of the BIG mince pie on Instagram too!