Monday, 28 November 2016


If you follow me on Instagram, (if not then you should be) you’ll know that I bake something almost every weekend, Halloween weekend was no exception of course but with GBBO having inspired me to challenge myself a little more, I decided to try and make something i’ve never made before! 

Chocolate webs!

I’d seen a load of things using piped chocolate on Pinterest lately and as i’m currently really enjoying learning how to pipe, I thought i’d give it a go. I used a tube of white chocolate buttons (You know the ones that come out for Christmas) and melted them in the microwave for just under a minute. Having never done this before I was a little worried that the chocolate was just going to run straight out of the nozzle but it was thicker that I first thought and I swear it went on forever!! I managed to make so many little webs and spiders from just one tube of chocolate!