Thursday, 12 January 2017


I hope you all had a lovely christmas and spent lots of time with your loved ones. I sure did, despite waking up with the weirdest stomach cramps on christmas morning (although it didn't stop me chowing down on my christmas dinner!) I really enjoyed my time off.

On Christmas Eve, my best friends came round to our house and we all exchanged presents between each other and had the best buffet dinner. Buffets are definitely one of my favourite kind of meals, especially when pigs in blankets are on the menu!

I was spoilt beyond belief again this christmas by my family and friends. I'm completely over the moon with all my gifts and have been making full use of all of them already! I've not included everything I got in the pictures, "fluff" and stocking fillers i've left out. I've also not included a picture of the box light my brother got me because I was using it to take the photos!

Disclaimer: I'm not gloating. Incredibly grateful for everything I received, just love reading this posts so wanted to do one of my own.

Those caramalised pecans in the back of this picture, sound delicious right? Well! They're definitely an acquired taste. They've got a "hint" of black pepper in them.. those mother fuckers, are loaded with the stuff. Completely underestimating in the first time I tried them, my mouth was on fire!!

I'm yet to try out the brush pens, but i'm super excited. The trend of brush script grew so much towards the end of last year and I absolutely loved it. Fingers crossed, with a bit of practice i'll be able to create some lush hand written stuff too.

Okay, so i've heard tons about the Garnier Micellar cleansing water from different YouTubers and bloggers and have been desperate to try it out for ages, so was super happy when I opened this. I've been using it religiously since Christmas Day and I love it, removing my make-up has never been so easy.

The Venus Swirl razor, a little random some might say but honestly that thing is like shaving with a cloud, it so soft!

My main present from my parents was the GoPro Hero 4 Silver. I'm really keen to start making videos, especially of little trips and holidays and I cannot wait to give this a proper go! Watch out for video updates on my scoliosis journey too!

My girls got my the MAC palette and Real Techniques brushes which I can't wait to use this year. I used them on New Years eve and a few other nights out already and I love them! One of my goals for this year is to learn how to do my eye make-up properly so this is literally the perfect gift. Girls did good!!!

So that's what I got for christmas this year. What did you get?