Sunday, 26 October 2014

Halloween make-up

I did my Halloween make-up prep today and i have to say i actually quite liked it. I was worried that i wasn't going to be able to pull it off, and being a bit of a perfectionist i thought i was going to have to think of a different idea.

Scrolling through Pinterest for ideas, i came across the really pretty Day of the Dead skulls. They can be really colorful and flowery or understated. I found on that i absolutely loved, it was a cross between a normal skull and a Day of the Dead skull in black and white. It looked absolutely gorgeous on the girl that was showcasing it.

Anyway, my work are hosting a Halloween party for the employees which i've helped organize so i'm pretty excited! We've organized a Halloween themed pub quiz with some really mean forfeits, it should be a right laugh and i'm hoping everyone is going to really enjoy it.

It was actually surprisingly easy to do, for those of that are worried about giving it a go i'd say to just give it a try. I was worried before hand but once you start, provided you've got the right 'tools' you'll be fine! I used black face paint for the solid colour round the eye and nose and white face paint for the lips, everything else used a form of eyeliner. I used a liquid/pen eyeliner for the detailing around the eye and the 'stitches' and the a charcoal pencil for the cheek detailing. I also highlighted some bits using a white eyeliner which i think adds something to it.

I choose to only do one side of my face and keep the other side natural. I did a dark smokey eye but other than that nothing special.

I posted a photo on my Instagram but take a look at my the outcome below:

Not my usual weekend selfie!

What are you guys doing as for Halloween this year? Let me know in the comments below.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Top 5 Pinterest Posts I October Part 1

Hey sweethearts!

So, once again, it's the worst blogger ever here! I forgot to take pictures of any of my meals on Wednesday and instead of just making it up and having a hefty written post i decided to just not bother this time. I had a load of projects on at work it just completely slipped my mind so for that i am really sorry!

I did however remember that it's time for my Pinterest favorites for the first half of the month. Now that we are getting in to Autumn and Winter, my favorite kind of pins start appearing.. you know, the cosy knits, the autumn leaves and yes, the christmas ones!

Here are my top 5 posts for October (so far). So without further ado, enjoy!

New York Cheesecake, the way to my heart!

The colour, the rings.. perfect.

I'm going to attempt something like this
for Halloween this year. Wish me luck!

How beautiful is this scarf though?

Cake bake at work.. option 1?

Thursday, 9 October 2014

What I Ate Wednesday #3

I wrote this yesterday but got distracted by GBBO and didn't input the pictures or upload it last night so you're getting it on Thursday!

Okay, so one day i will get the hang of this and remember to take photos of everything i eat/drink but until then you have another WIAW with dated photos and where i have no previous photos you will have to rely on my description of the meal i'm afraid.

I was going to blame it on the fact that i have to work so taking photos of my food isn't at the forefront of my mind but that's a rubbish excuse so i won't!

I didn't go to the gym this morning because i was suffering with pain in my hip and back so had Breakfast at home. I had Bran Flakes with Porridge Oats and skimmed milk. I've recently started using the My Fitness Pal App and it's been really useful for making you aware of what you are eating and how much of everything you consume.

I had a glass and a mug of green tea infused with cranberries, it was actually surprisingly okay. I wouldn't say i loved it but i really fancied a hot drink and am conscious of not having too much cows milk and sugar!

For lunch i had the same as i've had the last 2 times i've done WIAW. The beginning of the week i was having soup and thought it was going to be nice to have something different to write about today but obviously by lunch time today i really didn't fancy anything else. Typical!
Instead of having cheddar cheese this week i've opted for Mozerella after a recommendation from a colleague and it's actually really nice in the pitta. Will definitely be doing that again, yum!

The same picture you've seen for the last 2 weeks!

I had another glass of water in the afternoon and for dinner i had beans, 2 slices of red onion and cheese mini flatbreads (i'd eaten one before remembering to take the picture) and a smoked haddock, cheese and leek fish cake.

Tucked in, them remembered to take the picture!
I couldn't help myself and had 3 plain digestives in the evening but shh

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

What i Ate Wednesday #2

Worst blogger ever!

I've forgotten to taken photos of my breakfast and my lunch today. But don't fear i have a back up plan.

For breakfast i had Kelloggs Crunchy Nut. I had to be in work early this morning so didn't have time to eat breakfast at home or go to the gym so it was a work time breakfast this morning. It was a standard bowl of sugary cereals really.

I had a glass of water between breakfast and lunch. For lunch i had the same as last week, brown pitta bread with cheese, chorizo and baby spinach. I toast the pitta with the cheese and chorizo in it which makes it takes so much better! I'm not a huge fan of bread so thin pitta's toasted are a perfect solution. I didn't have the additional cucumber slices and tomatoes this week, didn't feel like i needed it but was just having it for the sake of it. 

My photo from last week but i ate the same thing pretty much!

I didn't have any snacks today! However, I did have a glass of orange juice and a cup of tea in the afternoon though.

For dinner i had pasta bolognese with a glass of water and I was really naughty and had a Fudge cake bar for pudding! 

With added bacon.. 

Top 5 Pinterest Posts I September Part 2

First off, i apologise for this being a day late! I had a hectic night last night, i rushed home from work to be ready for my Pilates class at 6:10 and then got home at 7:25 and went straight round to babysit for my neighbour. By the time i had got home from that, eaten and bathed it getting late and i hadn't even started the load of work i had to get done for work this morning.

None the less i have compiled my top 5 Pinterest Posts for the second half of September.

This bear pillow is so adorable. By Sweet Reverie.

I love the positioning of this.

The nail colour and rings are lush!

Says is all...

The perfect date.