Sunday, 21 September 2014

Breakfast at Bill's.

This weekend was the same as most, out in town on Friday night and then suffering for it on Saturday. My friend was home for the weekend (She's at uni) so we decided to meet up, with Saz for breakfast, something i've never done before. I've always loved the idea of going out for breakfast but never got round to doing it, especially as my best friends used to work the weekends up until a few weeks ago so it wasn't really a possibility. 

We decided to go to Bill's in Windsor and then spend the afternoon having a ganders around the town, there are some particularly nice things in the stores at the moment. The Autumn/Winter lines are all out now and i was in a very happy place walking round, unfortunately due to a ridiculously phone bill from Vodafone i was reluctant to spend much money. (If you follow me on Twitter you'll know about that!)

Anyway, off topic! 

The menu at Bill's was perfect, there was something for everyone. I was so tempted by the pancakes with syrup and fruit but due to my hungover state i opted for the Full English. It was your ordinary Full English though, it was a pretty one, the presentation was brilliant and the food itself was delicious. It wasn't disgustingly greasy and the portion size as perfect! Best Full English i think i've ever had. As with any meal there is always a sense of food envy, although it was delicious, i do wish i'd tried the pancakes. I guess it's just another excuse to go again!

Have you ever seen such a good looking full english?
The decor in Bill's is like my ideal for a restaurant like this. It's so beautiful and rustic, the kind of style i want for my own home. The service was pretty good as well, i mean the people serving are really friendly and you get served pretty quick. (they were quite busy) If you guys are looking for somewhere new to go or just fancy a recommendation for somewhere in Windsor (they do have restaurants all over the place though) then i'd definitely suggest trying Bill's out. I for one will definitely be going again. 

Oh, they also had a leaflet on the table for their Christmas Dinner - which you can pre-order and book a table for and i have to admit i was very tempted. It was like £25 i think for a 3 course meal and the choices for each course looked divine, if it was anything like our breakfast it will be good! 

Have you guys ever been to Bill's, what did you think of it? 

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