Tuesday, 12 September 2017

6 week post-op update

Today marked the first return to the hospital since I was allowed to go home 5 days after undergoing major spinal surgery. I was quite nervous about going back but actually quite excited to finally see my x-ray. It's hard to explain but I personally found it really frustrating walking out of the hospital after my operation without having seen the x-ray, there was something about the fact that I couldn't see what he'd done that really bothered me!

We got the hospital a little earlier that my appointment, 'checked in' and were told to sit in the infamous waiting room. The white board showing who was holding each clinic today was saying there was a delay for the spinal consultant.. typical!

Thankfully, I was called pretty quickly and sent off for an updated x-ray which I was called for almost instantly too. The usual "I just need to check you're not pregnant" questionnaire filled out and the x-rays done, I was sent back to the waiting room before being called in to the consultants room.

Pre-op vs. post-op!

All-in-all I think we were at the hospital for about 30 minutes. I was seen really quickly after my x-ray and the consultant was really happy with everything, the x-rays, the strength in my legs and the wound itself. I went through a few of my worries but he assured me they were all just my body getting used to it's new positioning and nothing to worry about.

He sent me away with some advice; take paracetamol (stay ahead of the pain, don't chase it), try swimming and up the physio. My favourite part of the whole appointment... he signed me off to drive again! I can't begin to tell you how good it feels to have my freedom back - it's been hard work having to rely on people to come to me or pick me up and ferry me about!

So, I can finally drive my poor little car that hasn't moved in 6 weeks (YAY!) and I can begin a phased return to work which, I never thought i'd say, but I can't wait. Being off work and stuck in the house for 6 weeks has been a lot harder than I thought it would be. I thought i'd just watch loads of series and movies and be fine but I had 0 interest in anything on netflix/amazon prime.

Trust me when I say, 6 weeks off work sounds so much better than it is!

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