Sunday, 12 January 2014

New nail varnish love!

I have found a new highstreet nail varnish love!

I've always had quite long nails but recently my nails have grown a lot and are surprisingly strong too! What a lucky girl eh! I always have and always will be one of those girls that has a different nail colour every week. I dont like not having my nails painted, i dont think they look as nice and definitely arent as strong. 

My parents got me a pack of six nail varnishes from a brand which i hadnt heard of before, Royal College Hall (in House Colours) and i absolutely love them! I didn't think they'd be very good to be honest because i'm quite picky with my nail varnishes. I dont like the ones that take forever to dry and like everyone else i hate ones that chip the night after youve painted them. 

These nail varnishes come in some quite vibrant colours and some reslly beautiful deep ones. As i write this i have the deep blue and i love it! I wasn't sure how dark it would be, it looks almost black i the pot. I've been pleasantly surprised with every colour i have tried so far! 

In the box my parents got me there was a light pink, deep purple (perfect for autumn), deep blue, orange (love!), vibrant red and a cute light blue. 

They dry pretty quick and the coverage is awesome, they usually take two coats but look awesome afterwards! I'd definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a good,
vibrant nail varnish. 

Here's the link to were my parents got mine from:

How cute!

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