Sunday, 9 February 2014

I've embarked on a new adventure!

Hey guys,

It's been a while hey, sorry about that - i've been crazy busy at work recently and have embarked on a massive health kick. Decided that this was going to be my year to start losing weight and for once, actually keep at it. I've always been one to say that i'm going to loose weight and when it comes to it, find an excuse not to.

I bit the bullet this time and joined a gym. Shock horror! I am lucky enough to work a 2 minute walk away from a cute, little gym. Despite it being small, it's got everything I want; the right equipment, runs classes everyday, clean, quiet, cute boys.. (oh, come on you were all thinking it!)

I have been going to the gym since January now and have just spent over £100 on all my gym kit, I chose to just get it all from Sports Direct for the time being, although it's not the best quality it doesn't look that bad and believe it or not, it's super flattering! I went for the black and hot pink look, my trainers are grey and pink and i'm not going to lie, i'm a little bit in love with them! The sports bras on the other hand aren't my favorite, unless you want a flat chest!

With the gym running a class everyday, the motivation to go has always been there - I currently go 4 times a week doing a class each day. Monday and Thursday I do Boxcersize which I love, it's a good laugh as well as being really tough. It's a mixture of pads and gloves and a lot of cardio, it's safe to say I have never left the gym without needing a shower! On a Tuesday I do Circuits, which is really tough. It's non stop cardio, weights and abs. I enjoy it but it's definitely the hardest of the classes and the teacher pushes us all to our limits which I love! Nothing like knowing what you're truly capable of doing. Then on a Wednesday I do Pilates which is a very welcome break from all the cardio! Don't get me wrong, it's still hard, what with not being very flexible and working a lot on abs (which I don't have!) I have often woken up the next morning sore.

Before each of my classes I do 15 minutes on the cross trainer and each day try and beat my personal best, wether that be in strides per minute or distance. So far, so good.

When at the gym yesterday I discovered the 'weighted hula hoop'! It's amazing, it works your core, and although waking up the next day with a sore ring around my waist, it felt awesome. It's just a normal hula hoop like the little plastic ones we all used to play with in the playground but it's weighted so actually toning your core. I am definitely keen to get my hands on one to have at home.

Argos sell them for £14.99 if i've inspired you enough to want one:

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