Sunday, 26 October 2014

Halloween make-up

I did my Halloween make-up prep today and i have to say i actually quite liked it. I was worried that i wasn't going to be able to pull it off, and being a bit of a perfectionist i thought i was going to have to think of a different idea.

Scrolling through Pinterest for ideas, i came across the really pretty Day of the Dead skulls. They can be really colorful and flowery or understated. I found on that i absolutely loved, it was a cross between a normal skull and a Day of the Dead skull in black and white. It looked absolutely gorgeous on the girl that was showcasing it.

Anyway, my work are hosting a Halloween party for the employees which i've helped organize so i'm pretty excited! We've organized a Halloween themed pub quiz with some really mean forfeits, it should be a right laugh and i'm hoping everyone is going to really enjoy it.

It was actually surprisingly easy to do, for those of that are worried about giving it a go i'd say to just give it a try. I was worried before hand but once you start, provided you've got the right 'tools' you'll be fine! I used black face paint for the solid colour round the eye and nose and white face paint for the lips, everything else used a form of eyeliner. I used a liquid/pen eyeliner for the detailing around the eye and the 'stitches' and the a charcoal pencil for the cheek detailing. I also highlighted some bits using a white eyeliner which i think adds something to it.

I choose to only do one side of my face and keep the other side natural. I did a dark smokey eye but other than that nothing special.

I posted a photo on my Instagram but take a look at my the outcome below:

Not my usual weekend selfie!

What are you guys doing as for Halloween this year? Let me know in the comments below.

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